Funeral Cover
and Life Insurance

Take care of your family even if you are not around.

Life in unpredictable, and it is responsible for you to make sure that your family is taken care of at the unfortunate, but eventual, time of your death. Along with the emotional trauma of death, loved ones are also left with costly expenses. Oaksure Financial Services buffers the impact of death by taking care of funeral costs and life insurance options with your family’s well-being at heart.


Funeral cover and life insurance does not have to be a monthly grudge expense for you. Oaksure Financial Services has cost effective products to suit your pocket today, and your family's expenses once you are gone.

No Premium Increase

Get a product with premiums that won't change for 12 months.

Cash Back

Get a percentage of your insurance premiums back after 5 years.

Combined Funeral & Life

Life policies can have funeral cover built in the product.