Travel Insurance
that's there for you when the unexpected happens

Travel insurance you can trust with cover for most eventualities outside the borders of your own country.

Oaksure Financial Services offers you complete peace of mind when you travel with cover for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, late departures, missed connections, theft of your personal belongings, personal liability and a whole lot more!

Cover all your travel insurance needs with a broker that has your best interests at heart

All Valid Claims Paid

We’ve never had a claim decision overturned by the Insurance Ombudsman

Better Premiums

Only pay for what you need with a premium built for you based on your trip

International Partner

All policyholders have access to 24-hour emergency assistance while travelling with international support

Immediate Cover

Immediate activation of your travel insurance with benefits starting as soon as you pass through the passport control of your home country

Guaranteed Payments

Guaranteed medical cover and in-hospital monitoring that assists you in obtaining a fit-to-fly and repatriation, should you need it

Children Covered Free

Save big with free cover for children under the age of 21

Prompt Service

Experienced team of insurance and travel experts who understand travel risks and the cover that works best for specific trips

Efffortless Payment

Easy to file a claim with prompt reimbursement for all valid claims

Insurance Innovation

The first provider to design and introduce cancellation for any reason cover


Ensure your trip goes exactly as planned, fill in the form to get a quote for affordable travel insurance, as well as advice you can ONLY get through a broker!