Vehicle Refinance 
Extend your liquid cash

Take advantage of your vehicle's asset value

Vehicle refinance basically means that you take a new loan on the vehicle that you already own. If you still have an existing finance agreement the we would settle the existing finance amount and give you a new loan agreement with a lower repayment. If your car is paid off, then the cash for your car would be paid directly to you. Either way, you can have extra cash when you need it.


Vehicle Refinance uses your existing asset (your car) to either get better repayments with a new extended vehicle finance loan, or a new loan so that you can use the money however you want.

Refinancing your car loan is fast and easy — and can put more money in your pocket. You may be able to reduce your monthly payment and boost your total savings on interest over the life of the loan.

Save Money

Reduce your monthly payments and save hundreds.

Cash In Your Pocket

Free up cash so that you can be liquid and spend the money on what you really need.

Increase Salary Savings

You could get a better interest rate on your vehicle finance if your salary has increased.